Natural Shell Collar Choker Necklace

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  • We discovered the Shell Necklaces while studying abroad in Malaga, Spain. Wearing it makes us feel like Malaga is still part of us and reminds us of the great friends and connections we made from all over the world. These have become very popular and we found a great source of handmade and high-quality necklaces and want to share.
  • You will receive one necklace. That is intended to be worn as a choker, and the length is infinitely adjustable for all ages.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Beautiful natural cowrie shells threaded onto a natural cord.  A very strong combo which means you can wear these every day and not worry about them breaking.  Please note that if the shells are dropped onto a hard surface they may chip, best to keep them on all the time!
  • HEALTH: The Shells and natural cord are hypoallergenic and water-resistant to allow for wear all summer or year-round.
  • 100% GUARANTEE: Cartozi provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee service. If you are not completely satisfied with our jewelry, simply return it with a 100% refund